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Towel Care

Our hand-woven towels are special we know that, and we want them to stay that way for you. If you follow our care advice, then your towel will last you for years to come. In fact, the more you wash them the softer and more absorbent they become.



First Time Soak

Before you start using your towels we suggest you do a one-time soak in cold water for 12 hours. After soaking you can let the towel dry naturally for best results.
This process will “train” the organic fibres to absorb and release moisture. This will ensure your beautifully crafted towel is as absorbent as it can be.
Please note that soaking is recommended for organic cotton only.



Machine wash gently at 30 degrees
Take care to ensure you do not wash with items that have hooks, zips or anything sharp attached to them
Do not use fabric conditioner – it will prevent the towel from being as absorbent as it can be
No bleach



For best results leave to dry naturally.
You can tumble-dry on a cool heat setting but be careful not to over dry as this can damage the organic cotton fibres.