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Happiness Whites - Organic Peshtamel

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95cm x 168cm (not including tassels)

Our happiness whites pestamel towel is our clean all white towel with the option of splash of subtle colour in the form of 3 bold stripes. This towel will look as stylish hanging up in your bathroom as it is when it’s wrapped around you after taking a dip in the pool or sea. Perfect for beach holidays as it doesn’t trap sand. It’s also extremely lightweight, compact, absorbent and quick drying making it a perfect travel companion as well as bathroom accessory. The versatility of this towel doesn’t end there as it can also be used as a gym towel, beautiful scarf, picnic blanket, throw or a stylish sarong amongst other things.

At Kin and Kloth all our towels are slowly hand-woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by Turkish Artisans and made using only 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, dyes and finishes. What makes our towels so special when compared to mass produced, chemically treated, factory imitation hammam towels are the gentle techniques used in our artisans weaving process. This coupled with the superior quality of the yarns ensures these towels will never smell musty, will stay perfectly soft and look beautiful for years even decades to come.

With every purchase you can help us to protect the dying art of traditional hand weaving methods in Turkey whilst supporting a livelihood for our artisans and their families.

  • Made using only 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, dyes and finishes
  • Hand woven with love
  • Ethically sourced
  • Exceptional quality which is made to last
  • Free delivery on all UK orders over £50 & all worldwide orders over £100
5.0 Average Review

Bought the happiness towel in pure white to wear as dress/sarong over bikini on holiday.

Not only is it extremely soft against the skin it was nice to know that no nasty chemicals were used in the process of making these towels.

Buying natural and sustainable is becoming more important. Keep up the good work Kin&Kloth


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