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The History of Hammam Towels

Hammam towels otherwise known as pestamels/peshtamels or foutas are flat woven, cotton towels. Steeped in history dating back to the ottoman era, they were originally used in traditional hammam bath houses as a cover up and then to dry off after bathing.


10 Reasons Why Hammam Towels Are Fantastic


Even those these towels are slightly bigger than the average beach towel they can either be rolled or folded up into roughly the size of a hand towel. This means they are perfect for chucking into pretty much any size bag so perfect for on the go or add to your suitcase leaving more room to fit other much needed holiday essentials.

As these towels are flat woven they are a lot thinner than conventional towels. Unlike conventional towels they don’t retain water and become heavy after use so won’t weigh your gym or beach bag down.

Highly Absorbent
These towels are thirsty. Don’t be deceived by the fact that they are a lot thinner than a traditional looped towel these beauties are just as or if not more absorbent. So prefect for drying off quickly after a bath at home or on holiday after a dip in the sea.

Quick Drying
The speed in which these towels dry in unbelievable. Reduced drying time means they are far more more eco friendly than a thicker conventional towel. No more hanging your towel up after showering and going to re use it the next day to find it's still damp.

Super Soft
These towels are so so so soft and only ever get softer with every wash unlike conventional towels which end up going crispy and hard.

Non Sand Trapping
Just give these a gentle shake after a day on the beach and the sand will be gone. These are just as effective as the non sand trapping micro-fibre towels on the market but unlike those these are completely natural and far more eco friendly as they will not release plastic micro particles into water when washing.

100% Organic Cotton
All our towels are made using only GOTS certified organic cotton and natural dyes. Made using absolutely no toxic chemicals from soil right through to weaving the towel. This means our towels are much more absorbent, breathable and easier to clean. 

Hand Loomed by Turkish Artisans
Each towel is lovingly hand loomed on traditional wooden shuttle looms by the most talented Turkish artisans. This process produces a towels of the highest quality with is made to last decades, even lifetimes.

Beautiful on the Eye
These towels are just as stylish as they are practical. Over the years the trend for hammam towels has become big. Their beautifully intricate and delicate patterns they are frequently spotted in interior magazines. 

More Than Just A Towel
There are so many uses for these versatile towels. Just some of them include stylish scarf, beautiful throw, ever so soft and natural baby blanket, a table cloth, picnic blanket, trendy cover up or a yoga mat. As a towel it can be used in your home for everyday bathing, as a beach or pool towel or perfect for travelling or festivals.